What are needleminders?

Simply put, a needleminder is a set of magnets one attaches to their stitching project so there is a place to rest your needle. But they are really so much more - a needleminder is a decorative stitching accessory with style choices that continue to evolve.

Bling will always be popular, but we look to create with a variety of mediums and themes to appeal to every stitcher. Though it's not a needleminder until magnets are added.  We only use rare earth magnets (neodymium). These are the strongest available.  We stock magnets in  several sizes and always select the largest possible magnet to ensure each needleminder has maximum hold of your needles. Every product is tested before it leaves us.  NeedlemindersUS takes great pride in all of our products.  We understand the frustration of a lost needle.  We have the solution.

What is a scissor fob?

If your prized little scissors have ever fallen into couch cushions or accidently jabbed you a scissor fob is just what you need. It is an embellishment, novelty, cute, fun adornment to hook onto your scissors, making them easier to find and far less likely to disappear into an abyss. 


Our needlepoint canvas collection have been handpainted on Zweigart 18 mesh deluxe mono canvas. These designs are exclusive to NeedlemindersUS and are not available in stores. Each piece is individually painted, please allow ample production time. You will automatically receive an email when your package is on it's way. Every canvas comes with a premium Bohin needle. 


Judy's creative journey began with sewing doll clothes and knitting as a child. Needlepoint followed and has continued for more than 40 years. Following a long career in marketing, she is now immersed in adding more fun to everyone's stitching experience, while still devoting time to her family and rescue dogs.